DNA Readout Viewer is a free on-line service providing novel and intuitive visualisation modes for displaying sequence specific DNA-protein interactions.

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Created and maintained at the Bioinformatics Group, BRC

contact: drv@brc.hu

DNA Plotter

Display various physical, chemical, and structural properties of the input DNA.

Motif Plotter

Reveal the chemical functional group pattern of DNA motifs containing ambiguous nucleotide positions.

Interface Plotter

Provide schematic and 3D views of the interacting surface of DNA-protein complexes.
If you use DNA Readout Viewer in your work, please cite: Krisztian Adam, Zoltan Gyorgypal and Zoltan Hegedus,DNA Readout Viewer (DRV): visualisation of specificity determining patterns of protein binding DNA segments, Bioinformatics, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btz906
GUI implemented and maintained by: Krisztián Ádám; Background software implemented and maintained by: Zoltán Györgypál; Concept: Zoltán Hegedűs